I was born in Germany to a U.S. Army family, and raised outside a small Appalachian town in western Maryland.  I’ve loved books all my life, and began to write my first novel in sixth grade, about a girl and her horse.

The hook was set.

Since college, I’ve been pursuing the writing life as a career journalist. I’ve covered events from Columbine to 9/11. Rocket launches to inaugurals. Along the way, I’ve won dozens of journalism awards.

For many years now, I’ve lived in Virginia with my son, a dog and three cats in a tiny Colonial house (literally — it predates the Revolution). I still have my day job. But now I’m embarking on a second career picking up where I left off in sixth grade.

“The Hummingbird’s Cage” is set to publish June 2015 by Penguin NAL Accent. (Spoiler alert: There are horses.)

Stay tuned!