When all is lost, she must find herself …



Joanna has spent ten years married to a monster. Then one day a stranger appears and offers her the chance to escape.

On the road with her young daughter, Laurel, fleeing for their lives, they find themselves in the mysterious, otherworldly town of Morro.  With no memory of how they got there.

And no idea what this town truly is…

As Joanna learns more about Morro and its people, she discovers a hidden strength she never knew she had.

And finds she’s been given a rare chance — and a terrible choice:

To stay in her strange, newfound sanctuary … or return to face the fight of her life, to save herself and her daughter.



The original idea behind ‘The Hummingbird’s Cage’ was this:

A battered wife is taken in by a ghost town.

The  concept evolved over several drafts, but the gist remains:  A promise of redemption, with a spiritual, even supernatural thread.

And it raises basic questions: How far would you go to rescue someone? Or yourself? What sacrifices would you be willing to make?

In years of journalism, I’ve interviewed lots of women who fled violent relationships, risking their lives to do it. I’ve known others still trapped in them. One woman spoke with me at the homeless shelter where she was hiding out with her seven children. Another was asked to paint a message on a T-shirt that best expressed how she felt about herself. She didn’t go grab a shirt from her dresser drawer to work on — she went and rummaged for a filthy rag shirt from under the sink.

These women aren’t The Other. They’re our neighbors, our friends, sisters, daughters.  Sometimes they forget how strong, how brave they really are.

Until we remind them.